Competency Management, Made Easily.

We help organizations manage and grow the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for each employee to perform successfully to a job role!

Skills & Compliance

Define skill categories, add skills and allocate to relevant Job Titles 

Ratings & Staging

Manage skill ratings and employee competency stages. 

Credentials Management

Facilitate evidence submission by employees for skill evaluation

Workflow Automations

Automate life cycle management of certifications and expiry notifications

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A streamlined way to manage compliance requirements!

Get started with our web-based platform to track mandated training, compliance status, and reporting in one place. 
Well developed training doesn’t just develop skills, it also helps inform employees about the values and strategy of the organization.

Identify Competencies

Define Learning Plans

Training & Evaluation

Stay Compliant

Competency Management

Build competency models, train employees, and stay compliant!

Define Competency Model

Identify and set out the specific skills, knowledge and behavioral requirements that enable an employee to perform their job successful

Create Grading System 

Categorize the skills, define rating levels and facilitate self-evaluation, manager evaluation and certification life cycle management.

Skills Matrix

Manage, plan, and monitor existing and desired skills for a role, team, department, project, or an entire company

Performance Management

Evaluate your employees’ skills,  track credentials, and reduce risk!


Create better learning path, find potential skill gaps, improve employee development, and create better teams


 keep track of what skills employees have so that strategy and planning can work towards that future skills may be needed

Monitor and Repeat

Visualize data and reveal insights, to efficiently manage upskilling and reskilling of your workforce.

Develop a Unified Organization Culture for your workforce! 

Let your employees take ownership of the skills and behaviors required of them in their roles, that aligns with organizational goals and strategies.